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NAIL ART - Nail salon 95401 - Manicure near me Santa Rosa, CA 95401 : Let's not forget the one accessory that can add a little punch to any look: a good manicure! Fresh nails can instantly add personality to any outfit, not to mention a boost in mood.

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1. Avoid intense hydration after leaving the salon.

When you have any type of nail enhancements, try your best to avoid intense hydration, like long baths and saunas, for at least 24 hours. While the polish may be dry enough when you leave the salon, it might not be set yet. Remember, nail enhancements use a stronger formula than regular polish, so it’ll take a while to fully dry.

If you use too much water on your hands right after your manicure, you might warp or damage the polish. It also might separate from the nail. Additionally, the color can fade prematurely. If your hands are going to be interacting with harsh chemicals after the salon, try using gloves to protect your nails.

In a nutshell, treat your manicured nails delicately when you first get them done, and you’ll have a longer, healthier wear.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Make it an important part of your aftercare routine that you’re moisturizing your hands and cuticles. Cuticles inspire nail growth, so keeping them healthy is a must. A great way to do that is to regularly apply lotion or cream to your hands. That’s it! While it’s an easy step to perform, it’s critical you don’t miss it.

Massaging moisturizer into your cuticles will keep them healthy. In addition, cuticle oil will help lock in moisture and promote growth. Keeping your hands moisturized will help your nail beds. Plus, when you use nail polish removers like acetone, it can make your hands very dry. If they’re properly moisturized, this won’t affect your hands as much.

You’ll see throughout the rest of this post that moisture is a must, no matter what other aftercare steps you’re fitting into your routine. A lot of nail care products tend to dry out the skin with their strong formulas. Don’t let your actual nails follow suit—they’ll only become more tedious to maintain with no moisture.


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